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Devon’s beautiful and soulful voice, accompanied with her emotional and raw writing, gives her music an edge that transcends anything currently heard in today’s charts. Devon’s music is inspired by her own emotional journey and will resonate with anyone who has experienced the joys and pains of love.

Best UK Newcomer
B&G Country Music Awards 2017

"UK country is going through something of a surge of popularity at the moment, and we think it’s only a matter of time before Devon Mayson is mentioned in the same breath as artists like the Shires and our 2014 guests Ward Thomas. Mayson’s music sits unashamedly on the pop side of country, but her gift for songwriting lends her debut release ‘Lie to Me’ an understated depth.

- Halfway to 75 Festival

With the UK’s Country music scene beginning to gain more popularity, Devon Mayson’s debut album will introduce a younger generation to the beautiful sound of Country.

Her debut single You Only Love Me When You’re Drunk and her Album Lie To Me were released in August and peaked at #3 in the Country iTunes Chart.

"Beautiful country voice, if you only buy one country album this year make it this - you won't regret it!"

"The continuing rise of British Country. But this piece of British country music comes heavily laced with raw emotion and integrity rather than sprinkled with the pop fairy dust of more famous offerings. These eight songs, all written or co-written by the lady herself, all come from the heart and detail life's love, losses and indiscretions, and find me a person who can't relate to those."

- Ian Ambrose, Maverick Magazine


Watch - You Only Love Me When You’re Drunk

Devon Mayson’s incredible debut single - Video launched!.

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